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Golf Cart Rules

All of our memberships include shared cart privileges:

Carts will be allocated within the following guidelines: 1 or 2 players-1 cart, 3 or 4 players-2 carts. If a group has 2 carts or more with only one person in each cart the driver will be charged cart fees.

Only beverages and coolers purchased from the Grill will be allowed in the golf carts or on the golf course.

The Golf Course Superintendent (or in his absence, the Head Golf Professional) shall have sole authority over whether golf carts will be permitted on the course. The decision is based upon potential damage to the golf course and potential injury to the players. Golf carts shall not be rented to, nor operated by individuals under 16 years of age and without a license.


All players agree, for the privilege of using a golf cart, to pay or reimburse the Highlander for any and all charges arising out of breakage, shortage, or damages to the golf cart, other than ordinary wear and tear, and any damage to the golf course or any of the improvements thereto. The golf cart operator (and sponsoring member if the operator is a guest of a member) agrees to indemnify and hold the Highlander, its Pro Shop staff and employees harmless from any and all injury, damage, or claims to any nature whatsoever whether to person, property, or both, that may arise out of, or result from or through the use of the golf cart by the person operating the same.

The Highlander reserves the right to refuse or cancel the use of a golf cart, without refunding any fees to any person not following the golf cart rules or policies established by the Highlander.

It is the responsibility of every golfer to be familiar and comply with the rules and regulations covering the use and operation of golf carts. Failure to observe such rules and regulations could result in the denial of golf cart use and/or playing privileges.

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